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Welcome to our baby poems website. The first poem was written for Ethan Edward Smith, the newborn son of Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith.

Ethan Edward Smith

His name is Ethan Edward Smith,
Joined us Monday on the fifth.
Mommy recovering, doing well,
Give her space, and she will tell.

Football Superstar is very "proud"
Happy daddy, he's on a cloud.
Kylie will be there very soon,
She will sing you, a beautiful tune.

We all wish you a beautiful beginning,
Don't you worry it's just the first inning.
You will play with your favourite toys,
Your childhood will be filled with joys.

by Andra Mccoy
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You will find a large variety of rhyming baby poetry on these pages, including poems for baby shower, pregnancy, newborn infants, baby boys, baby girls, baptism and christening poems, baby shower invitation poems, and many, many more. Feel free to share these poems with your friends and family.

Precious Baby

My precious baby, I feel truly blessed,
I hope you feel comfy, this is your nest.
Toys, cribs, and bottles, in the first inning,
With you by my side, I shall always be winning.

Thoughts of your future, as I cuddle you close,
We will play games; I will tickle your toes.
When things bother you, and you begin to cry,
I will be here, to make sure you're dry.

When you get tired, I will rock you to sleep,
Together, we will count little sheep.
As I look in your eyes, like a star they do shine,
Combined with your smile, what a wonderful sign!

by Andra Mccoy

That baby poem was just a sample of the type of baby poetry that you will find on these pages. You may include these poems inside greeting cards or send them to someone through email or sms. It's up to you. Here's the list of the various categories that are available:

baby poetry - In this section you will find footprint poems, handprint poems, a few birth poems, and bunch of very cute scrapbooking baby poems.

baby girl poems - This section is dedicated to all those beautiful baby girls. Expect to find a few general baby girl poems, along with one for a baby shower, and one that talks about newborn baby girls.

baby boy poems - Here's a section that contains baby boy poems. Most are general topic, but at the same time they are all very different. There is one poem that may be used to congratulate the parents on their new baby boy.

baby shower poems - 13 different baby shower poems are waiting for you in this section. Many of these poems may be included along with that baby shower gift, and a few may be attached to the shower favor.

baby shower verses - Here's some more baby shower verses that you may share with the hostess and mother to be.

baby shower invitation verses - What better way to invite your guests to your baby shower, than with these adorable baby shower invitation verses.

baby shower thank you poems - Once your shower is over, you may use these baby shower thank you poems to thank your guests for attending and for bringing all those wonderful gifts for your baby.

more baby verses - Here's some more general baby verses.

newborn poems - These baby poems talk about newborns, and were written with newborn infants specifically in mind.

pregnancy poems - If you or someone you know is pregnant, you will enjoy reading these pregnancy poems.

christening poems - If you are attending a Christening or Baptism, you may share these Christening poems. This section also contains a few general religious baby poems.

baby poems blog - The last section is our baby blog, where you are welcome to join in on the discussion as we talk about babies.

We hope that you have lots of fun reading our baby poems. You are welcome to share any poem you wish, print it out, and share it with your friends, family, and all those precious babies in your life.

Your Girlfriends,
Cynthia, Andra, and Heather

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