Baby Blessing Poem

The baby blessing poem that you see below was written for all the precious little babies out there.

Precious Miracle

A baby is a blessing,
In each and every way,
We thank God for our children,
Every single day.

A baby is a precious gift,
Sent from the Lord above,
So show your children patience,
And shower them with love.

A baby is a miracle,
And God so loves a child,
So teach your children of His love
It will be worth your while!

by Andra Mccoy
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When Andra shared that baby poem with me last year, I thought it was so adorable and cute. She placed it inside a beautiful card that she chose for little Gabriela's baptism. I thought that was very thoughtful and kind of her. But I wasn't very surprised at all, since I always knew Andra had poetic skills and a passion for poetry.

A few days after the baptism, when I had a bit more time, I decided to frame the card that we received from Andra. First, I thought maybe I will simply type the poem out, print it, and frame it. But as I began typing, I realized it will look more authentic and real if I frame the entire card.

I knew this will be a memorable token that Gabriela will be able to cherish for the rest of her life. Currently, it is hanging on the wall that is closest to her crib.

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you; the frame is so cute. It is light pink, and matches her nursery room decor. I got it for half price at this little framing shop just down the street from where we live.

Whenever I'm in the nursery, I find myself staring at the poem. I know this little poem is Gabriela's first introduction to our faith. It is also a small token that may be passed down to her babies when she becomes a mother.

I really enjoyed sharing this experience with you. I would like to thank Andra from the bottom of my heart for writing and sharing this adorable baby blessing poem with us, and especially baby Gabriela.

Thank you so much,
Heather Greer

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