Baby Boy Poems

Feel free to share these baby boy poems with your family and friends and celebrate that special baby boy in your life.

Many Things

Baby boys like many things,
Like frogs and bees and bugs with wings.
Trucks and trains and shiny cars
Dinosaurs and twinkling stars.

Dogs and turtles on his clothes,
And smudges of dirt upon his nose
Sweet stuffed bears and robot toys
These are things for baby boys!

What a joy it is to see
His boyish nature come to be.
He'll love to play with mom and dad
There's so much fun now to be had!

by Andra Mccoy
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Baby boys are precious little human beings. They are so curious and adventurous. The clothing that is made for them is also adorable, just like the poem implies. There's plenty of little t-shirts with trucks and robots, and all those things that they will fancy once they get a little bit older.

This baby boy poem talks about the bond that is developed between a mom and her newborn baby boy.

Often times, as they grow a bit older, they will try to mimick everything their dad will say and do. That's where the inspiration for the poem titled, Just Like Dad came from.

One of our favourite poems in this section, talks about a sleeping baby boy, and is located on the poems about baby boys section.

Little Boy

A baby boy is so unique
So tiny, sweet and ever meek.
It's fun to imagine what he thinks
Between those coos and little blinks.

Though now he's just a babe, you'll find
That busy is his little mind.
Learning, watching, listening
To every single little thing.

As you look into his eyes
You see such wonder and surprise
He's just so sweet, and when he smiles
Your heart just soars for miles and miles.

by Andra Mccoy

Can you guess what the poem titled, It's a Boy! is about ? It has something to do with congratulating. That's my final hint.

These poems for baby boys were written for your enjoyment by our dear friend and partner in crime, Andra, our job (Cynthia & Heather) is to talk about them and their surrounding themes. Since we enjoy talking so much, this comes very naturally to us.

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at our baby boy poems. We would like to encourage you to share these poems with moms, dads, and baby boys. Don't forget to join the discussion at our baby poems blog. We would love to hear from you, and about your experiences as a mom or dad.

We also love writing custom baby poems for moms and dads. Recently we had a draw on our twitter page, and Mommy in London won a baby boy poem. Congrats!

Your Friends,
Andra, Heather, and Cynthia

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