Baby Girl Poems

These baby girl poems talk about the gentle beauty and warm hearts that all baby girls possess.

Like a Rose

Clad in pink and looking sweet
Baby booties on her feet
There's nothing like a baby girl
With rosy cheeks and shiny curls!

As precious as a tiny gem
With flowers sewn upon her hem
This dainty girl is quite a dear
Her little face is so sincere.

She's looking lovely as a rose
From pudgy feet to button nose
Yes, baby girls are sweet as pie
To love her, you don't have to try!

by Andra Mccoy
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The next poem was written for a very special baby girl. She has the most adorable smile and from what we've read on her mommy's blog, lots of energy.

Special Daughter

Harper Quincy is her beautiful name,
Super cute baby, with blogging fame.
In a few months, she's turning two,
The following things are very true.

She really likes the number nine,
Mommy made her a raindrop design.
If it rains, she'll need an umbrella,
Doggy will help, they call her Stella.

With sticks and stones eagerly explores,
Getting dirty, when she's outdoors.
Row your boat, enjoys to sing,
When daddy pushes on that swing.

Mmmmmm..... proclaims, when she sees food,
Grove and Elmo, she'll always include.
Kisses little brother's cheeks and tummy,
Eats all her fruits, and think they're yummy!

She adores her new baby spring float,
For Father's Day, with alphabet crayons they wrote.
At the museum she played with jumbo lite-brite,
Across her face, mommy saw pure delight!

Always repeats the phrase - "Oh NO!"
Look her way, there's a permanent glow.
Loves to swim and splash in the water,
She is truly a special daughter.

by Andra Mccoy

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These poems about baby girls remind us how wonderful and special baby girls truly are. Their little baby smiles melt our hearts.

Loving You

To know her is to love her,
She's the best thing in the world,
She seems to just be heaven-sent
For she's your baby girl!

She's precious as a tot can be,
All dressed in pink and white,
She's so alert all through the day
And sweetly sleeps at night.

Yes, knowing her is loving her,
That's absolutely true.
And when this baby laughs and smiles,
You know she's loving you!

by Andra Mccoy

Here's a nice little poem that talks about newborn baby girls, and how they are a true gift. I remember how I felt when my precious baby girl Gabriela was born. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I cannot describe the joy and complete happiness and excitement that I felt. She was a miracle.

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In my opinion, all poems for baby girls should be very happy and positive. That's exactly what Andra was focused on, as she wrote them. I think she did a great job. What do you think? Post your suggestions or comments at our baby poems blog and join the discussion.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and read our baby girl poems. We hope you enjoyed them and will share them with your family and friends.

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