Baby Poetry

The baby poetry in this section covers several themes. We hope you have fun reading and sharing these baby poems.

Many Things

What in the world will this baby be?
A doctor of Philosophy?
A rock or movie superstar?
The owner of a fancy car?

An astronaut or scientist?
The world’s leading archaeologist?
A lion tamer with no fear?
A comedian that brings us cheer?

This baby may do many things,
Like dine with presidents or kings.
This baby will walk through many doors,
But this baby will always be just yours.

by Andra Mccoy
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I remember when Andra began writing these short baby poems, a few years back.

One day she would tell us that she wrote a unqiue footprint poem and then the next day she would share one of her birth poems with us. She would get to the point where she would write a few each day.

Loving You

I’m left without a choice,
When I hear your tiny voice,
There’s nothing I can do,
To keep from loving you.

And when I smell your scent,
Like something Heaven-sent,
There’s nothing I can do,
To keep from loving you.

And when I see your face,
My heart is filled with grace,
There’s nothing I can do,
To keep from loving you.

by Andra Mccoy

So apart from the various baby footprint poems and a little cute baby handprint poem, which are some of my favourite.

I really enjoy reading all those scrapbooking poems for babies that Andra wrote. Especially this very adorable one titled, Upon Your Lap and this cute one called, Nothing Like a Baby.

To get more baby scrapbook tips and ideas, we recommend you check out The Baby Scrapbook Place.

You may also announce the birth of your new baby boy with this little birth poem. However, before you dive into our new baby poetry, you may still be searching for baby shower poetry, if you are someone you know are still expecting.

A couple months ago (because news and rumors spread fast), I bumped into a friend of a friend at the mall. She told me that she heard that Andra, Cynthia, and myself are working on a baby poems and quotes website. The first thing I did was correct her and told her that we specialize in mostly babies poems. I tried to say that with a straight face, but I couldn't. So I began to laugh, and she did as well.

I guess in our little town, news travels fast. Even if you are beginning to work on a little baby poetry site.

Recently, I found a very nice little collection of daycare poems. I found them to be absolutely adorable. I'm sure you will as well.

I also found a very neat page that talks covers child development milestones. It focuses on child development milestones from birth to six years, and the milestones develop in a sequential fashion. Each milestone that your child acquires builds on the last milestone developed. I think it's very neat.

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