Baby Shower Poems

Some of these baby shower poems may be shared with the hostess or mother to be. You will also find baby shower poetry that may be included with the shower favors, gifts, and a few specifically written for newborn infants.

Special Day

You’re going to have a baby!
That’s so wonderful and sweet!
It will be so very magical
When you two finally meet.

I’m very glad you’ve asked me
To come celebrate with you
And join you at your shower
To have fun the whole day through.

It will be a very special day
For all to come and see
How beautiful you look
As a mother-soon-to-be!

by Andra Mccoy
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I hope you liked that baby shower poem. "Open and See" is the title of the baby shower gift poem that I received from Andra for baby Gabriela's baby shower. I think it was very cute. A couple months after Gabriela's shower, I shared the baby shower gift poem titled, Surprise! with Cynthia. She absolutely loved it.

Feel free to share, Labor Pains, which is one of the funniest shower poems in this section. Another funny one is called, No Men. I'm sure you have figured out what that one is about.

Do you have a girlfriend or relative who is having her baby shower really soon, and she needs some pampering? Well, Cynthia and I got Andra to write some very nice poetry for baby shower about pampering and then we all played a little joke on her. She was completely surprised, and we ended up having the most amazing day at the spa.

Your Baby Shower

It takes a lot of planning
To get ready for a child,
But all your busy work
Will soon seem so worthwhile!

You hustle and you bustle
Just like a little bee
Preparing for your baby
Like a true mother-to-be!

And now it’s time to celebrate
And just let down your hair,
For it’s your baby shower
And I’ll gladly see you there!

by Andra Mccoy

What type of baby shower favors have you chosen? Well we have two types of favor poems that you may attach to the favors. The first one is called "Little Trinket". It is one of those baby shower favor poems that you may share with all your guests. The other one is titled, You Won and can be shared with those girlfriends that win or participate in one of your fun shower games.

One of my most memorable baby shower poems is, I See. Andra shared it with me on my baby shower. I recommend that you share it with one of your girlfriends. It's so so cute.

As you can see, there's a variety of different poems that you may choose from. I think it's important that many of these poems for a baby shower make the hostess and mother to be feel like a true star. She needs to be showered with not just presents, but also lots of love and support.

We hope you had fun reading our baby shower poems. Feel free to share them with your friends and family, and have fun at that baby shower.

Your Girlfriends,
Cynthia, Andra, and Heather

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