Baby Verses

Rhyming baby verses may be shared with the mommy, daddy, and baby. You may include them in a baby greeting card or even frame them and place them on the nursery wall.

Sweetest Things

When you hear a baby cry,
You first try to determine why,
Because a baby makes you feel
Like you must tend to every squeal.

When a baby looks at you,
You first determine what to do,
Because that sweet and gentle face
Fills your heart with endless grace.

When you smell a baby's scent,
You fill with love, one hundred percent,
For babies are the sweetest things
That life on Earth has to bring!

by Andra Mccoy
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I really enjoy sharing baby card verses with my friends and family who have a little infant or toddler running around. These verses for baby cards do not have to be long and complicated. I prefer these short rhyming ones that Andra writes.

Whenever, a friend or a cousin gives birth, I try to choose from the various new baby verses. But sometimes, I will just choose a general baby verse, that any new mom may relate to, or will soon enough.

Baby Kiss, is a nice little poem, that is accompanied by Cynthia's story about naptime.

Little Baby

Little baby, sitting there,
With your soft and curly hair,
What is it you're thinking of?
You're sweeter than a little dove!

Little baby, smiling brightly,
Laughing softly and so lightly,
What is it you want to do?
You are precious, through and through!

Little baby, watching us,
Never making any fuss,
What is it you'd like to say?
You're so adorable today!

by Andra Mccoy

Did you hear about that lady that claims to have figured out what babies want by studying the various sounds they make? She was on Oprah and that's the theme behind the poem titled, Baby Talk. Cynthia will provide you with more details on that page about it.

What about a poem that is narrated from a mom to her baby. That's exactly how the poem titled, My Baby is structured.

Whenever there is a new addition to any family, the entire family gets excited. I mean everyone, including the extended family. That was the inspiration behind the baby poem called, Family.

Babies are very curious and brave little human beings. These traits are seen in the poem called, Say.

If you are looking for a Chinese name to choose from for your little baby, you should read about the current trends and advice regarding Chinese names.

We appreciate that you took the time to browse through our baby verses section. You are very welcome to share these poems with families, friends, and babies alike.

Your Girlfriends,
Cynthia, Andra, and Heather

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