Some Facts about Baby Boys

A baby is, after all, a baby. In that case, there should not be any difference between a baby boy and a girl. However, in reality, it is not so. Right from their birth, a number of differences can be noticed between a baby boy and a girl and this paves the path for the obvious differences that exist between them later on in life.

Let us discuss some of the tendencies that can be noticed in a baby boy. It cannot be contested that baby boys have an inclination to kick more right from their birth which means they are much more active than their female counterparts. When it comes to gross motor skills, they are a notch higher than girls and that is the reason why they tend to walk sooner than girls. That means you do not have to make any extra effort to make him walk steadily. Rather, you would have to concentrate on his fine motor abilities.

You would also notice that baby boys take a little bit more time to begin talking. This is because the portion of the brain that is responsible for processing language has lesser nerve cells and this impacts their ability to vocalize their thoughts easily. Also, when they at last begin talking, they do not use much complex sentences and prefer using simple ones. Speech delay is quite common among little boys and if your child is taking time to talk, there is no need to feel panicky. However, you can consult a professional if other boys that are of the same age as him begin conversing while he does not.

If you have a baby boy, you need to be extra careful since he is more at risk when it comes to respiratory infections. Bronchiolitis is one illness that many baby boys suffer from along with asthma and wheezing. The reason for this is boys’ mature skeletal systems are not as much as the girls. However, you have reason to smile as it is much easier to change nappies of little boys than that of baby girls.

It is also natural for baby boys to play with cars and guns rather than dolls. It is true that some of these traits are a result of social conditioning that start from birth itself, but scientific tests have also confirmed that there are some intrinsic differences between the two sexes and they are bound to make themselves apparent from infancy itself.

It is a myth that boys are not as emotional as girls. In fact, if you analyze the behavior of a baby boy, you would notice that there is hardly any truth to the statement. It is very common for baby boys to become easily upset when separated from their mother. This is because they take time to socialize and communicate. These are some of the lesser known facts that you should remember in connection to little boys.

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