Footprint Poem

This little footprint poem will go very nicely with your baby's cute little footprint, in my case it is my grandchildrens footprints that I have begun to collect.


A little baby's footprint,
Impressed upon the clay,
Will serve as a reminder
Of this moment and this day.

It makes a lovely keepsake
And a valuable heirloom,
It looks so nice upon the shelf
In precious baby's room.

The sweet and chubby little toes
Will never be so small,
One day you will just be so big,
And grow so very tall!

by Andra Mccoy
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I am so glad that I kept all of my children's little keepsakes. I took their pictures of their "first-time's", imprint of their little hands and feet. Now that they are all out of the house and persuing their dreams I can sit in one of the rooms that I have kept for photos and keepsakes and I can close nmy eyes and remember the days when my house was filled with laughter and at times with tears.

I can remember those days as if they were yesterday. It is these little reminders that make a parent realize that time really does fly by and one can not possibly keep all their memories in a box. However the things that matter really do leave an imprint in your heart and sometimes I open their little cases with their imprint and just touch them just to be able to remember for another day.

Our dear friend Andra wrote a splendid footprint poem that you see above. Recently, I received a footprint from one of my grandchildren, now I keep it next to her mom's along with this baby poem.

Sincerely Yours,
Grandma Grace

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