Newborn Baby Girl Poems

Newborn babies are always precious and these newborn baby girl poems express wonderful sentiments.

Little Gift

Baby girls are such a gift
Your love for her will be so swift.
With just one glance, she'll capture you
And you will love her through and through.

All bundled up in blankets pink
She'll really make you start to think
That all the happiness on Earth
Belongs to you now, since her birth.

This newborn girl will steal your heart,
She truly will, right from the start.
And such a little gift is she
You'll never want to be set free.

by Andra Mccoy
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Newborn baby girl poems really expressed my feelings when I first saw my daughter Sandra. She was so tiny, I was afraid I would crush her little body if I held her too tightly. People are always asking did you check to make sure that she has all her fingers and toes. I don't know about you, but I didn't. I couldn't stop looking at her face, those gorgeous blue eyes looking up at me, and those pink little lips were pursed as if she wanted to give me a kiss. I held her tiny little hand and held her close to my heart. I didn't count those toes; I just counted my blessings.

I couldn't hold the happy tears back as her daddy bathed her for the first time ever and neither could he. Oh I know you say my guy would never cry tears of joy, but I'll bet he did when you couldn't see. As he put her in her carrier for her first ride in the car, I thought she would never be safe in that car seat, it seemed so large for her little body. I kept asking my husband if he was sure he had it all fastened right.

The whole way home I kept looking in the back seat to see if she was ok. When we got home Bill helped me out of the car and took our little bundle into the house. She was sleeping, so I had him set her on the coffee table in front of me so I could just stare in wonder as she peacefully slept. I wouldn't let her out of my sight, I carried her with me everywhere I went, including the bathroom. Newborn baby girl poems, "The Gift" pegged it with it's title. My newborn baby girl was definitely a gift.

After she was born, oh my goodness I was tired, but it was all worth it. And as I watched Bill carry our little girl around the house and talking baby talk to her, I couldn't help feeling more love for him than I ever had. It's amazing what the birth of a little baby girl can do to the relationship between two people still in love. Sandra was definitely a gift just like this newborn baby girl poems said.

My Precious Baby

My precious little peach is what I live for,
From the moment I saw her face my heart began to pour.

I love her chubby little hands and tiny little feet,
And her big dark blue eyes that stare into me deep.

From her soft olive skin to her button nose,
I love my baby girl from her head to her toes.

A thick head of brown hair and gummy smile,
I could go on and on but it would take another mile.

By Lucinda

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