Newborn Poems

This selection of newborn poems were written to celebrate that beautiful thing called birth. Welcoming babies is the common theme among these poems.

New Baby

New baby, new baby,
Open your eyes,
Know that you’re loved,
And hush your soft cries.

Nestled so sweetly,
Inside your crib,
Drinking your bottle,
As it rests on your bib.

New baby, new baby,
I can’t wait to see you smile,
But close your eyes and dream,
I’ll be here all the while.

by Andra Mccoy
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Sharing newborn baby poems with a mom that just gave birth is a wonderful way to show your excitement, on the new arrival. These days when one of my girlfriens or cousins gives birth, I get super excited, and want to see the baby right away. I'm sure this excitement originates from my past experiences with my babies. That's why mothers have this special connection.

Here's a newborn baby poem that Andra wrote that is very cute. One of my favourite new baby poems is called eat and sleep. I'm sure you know exactly what that one is all about.

A newborn baby's smile is a truly beautiful sight to see. My heart just melted when I saw baby Gabriela smile at me for the very first time. That is the theme behind this, new baby poem.

Mommy’s Lullabies

You don’t know much of anything,
But I guess that can’t be helped,
You’re new to this big, expansive world,
And you don’t even know yourself!

There is so much to learn,
And so much time,
But just listen softly,
While I tell you this rhyme.

It’s quite all right,
To just close your eyes,
And listen to the sound,
Of mommy’s lullabies.

by Andra Mccoy

Often times when a mother or father stare at their newborn baby girl or son, they begin day dreaming about who this little child of theirs will become in the future. At first this may seem like it's very far into the future. However, in reality our babies will grow up so fast. That's why every moment with them is priceless. The poem titled, "Options" talks about this, on the newborn poetry page.

"Interesting Time", is another one of those very cute baby poems, but it's also different. The narrator is actually a newborn baby. So it sounds like the poem is being read by one of the babies from that movie, "Look Who's Talking". We think it falls into the category of scrapbook poems for new baby.

Sharing welcome baby poems with that newborn baby, mom and dad is a unique way to welcome that precious little soul to the world.

The welcome new baby poems page features a poem titled, "Our Love", that talks about having all these different things ready for the baby, but most importantly, love.

The new baby sayings page has a poem that talks about parents always hoping only the best things for their little babies.

Some babies are born with Apraxia of Speach. For more information on this condition visit our friends at to learn what you can do about it.

We hope you liked reading these newborn poems, and we also hope that you will share them with your family, friends, and all the newborn babies in your life.

Your Girlfriends,
Cynthia, Andra, and Heather

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