Pregnancy Poems

Share these pregnancy poems with your pregnant wife, friend, sister, or girlfriend. Show her how happy you are that soon she will give birth to a newborn precious little baby.

Precious Time

It's such a special, precious time
You feel as though you're in your prime,
A pregnancy is a beautiful thing,
With all the excitement it can bring.

You feel so very beautiful,
And everything seems so wonderful,
As baby grows inside your womb,
And you decorate the nursery room.

So many things to do and plan,
When baby's birth is near at hand,
But there's no rush, so just enjoy,
And daydream if it's girl or boy!

by Andra Mccoy
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Finding out that you are pregnant is very exciting. Planning how you will announce the wonderful news to everyone is also very exciting. I recall, how my sister Karen told us that she is pregnant when she was already 5 months into the pregnancy. We didn't know. We just assumed that she just gained a little bit of weight because of all the stress from work. But were very excited when we found out the truth. We had a huge party/barbecue to celebrate. It was a blast.


You look so beautiful right now
And I just want to say,
That pregnancy looks great on you
In every single way!

You're glowing like a shining star,
Your smile lights up the room,
Your eyes are bright and twinkling
You're like a rose in bloom!

I can see your happiness
It shines out from within,
And when your baby kicks you,
It is nice to see you grin!

by Andra Mccoy

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My Little Angel

My sweet, my darling,
You are my little ray of sunshine,
You fill me with joy and happiness,
I can't wait to hold you in my arms,
And finally call you mine.

My sweet angel,
You make me so happy,
Even though that you’re still not here,
I catch myself smiling when I feel you moving.

You are my blessing,
Can't wait to meet you,
And finally call my little angel.

By Nicole M. Gomez

Even though a baby is still being nourished inside. It's never to early to begin collecting free poems for baby scrapbooks. That's what I did when I was still pregant with Gabriela. I was already working on the scrapbook. I didn't have any pictures, but I did have a few poems and my ultrasounds.

Talking about nourishment, our friends at have wonderful information about natural pregnancy and motherhood.

We hope you had lots of fun with these pregnancy poems. We would like to wish you all the best on your pregnancy or someone that you know.

Your Girlfriends,
Cynthia, Andra, and Heather

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